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About Efrat

Efrat Gotlib is a Licensed Therapist and Life-Coach. She is a graduate of MITPP-an Advanced Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy Institute. In addition, to her training at MITPP she specialized in additional techniques, which include: cognitive therapy (CBT), behavior therapy (DBT), mindfulness, spirituality, solution-focused therapy and life-coaching.
Efrat is known for her no-nonsense approach.
She provides a supportive, non-judgmental environment were she works together with her patients on a customized solution, based on her patients individual needs. Her expertise and eclectic approach allows her to take each of her patients on a personalized journey, where she helps them overcome life's hurdles.
Efrat understands that committing to a traditional model of therapy can be challenging for the busy individual. In order to accommodate her patients she offers her services online as well.
Find out more about how Efrat Gotlib, LCSW and Life-Coach and her Therapy24x7 Team can help you.
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