5 Essential Tips To Help Overcome Social Anxiety

Many people feel like they’re out of practice socializing with others after all that social distancing. However, there’s no worry here. But of course, if a person is an already socially-anxious person, to begin with, one can still definitely practice overcoming it! Whether an individual feels overwhelmed in the crowd or out of their element, there are many things one can do to regain their ability to socialize.

Today, let’s talk about the various ways one can overcome social anxiety:

1. Give Cognitive Behavioral Therapy A Shot

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is about changing thought patterns and reinforcing positive, healthy behaviors. It’s a very effective tool for conducting studies and overcoming social fears.

One of the most common ways CBT is used for anxiety is that the patient is taught to imagine themselves in a social situation, identify their unhealthy thoughts, and find healthier alternatives. Our minds tend to focus on the negative, and getting worked up into a tizzy over small matters is often straightforward.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy will teach one how to cope with their feelings and focus on the positive, telling one to treat themself well to prevent feeling overly anxious or worried.

2. Try Practicing Public Speaking Skills

Afraid of public speaking? If so, one can practice this fear in a safe environment, such as Toastmasters, a local Toastmasters club, or in their living room.

To engage in this practice, one will have to overcome their fear and give themself a reason to do it while following a script.

3. Get Out Of The Comfort Zone

The first step to overcoming social anxiety is putting themself in situations where one can’t just hide away as much as one usually does. It’s okay to feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but if individuals go out of their way to make new friends, they can start forming new habits that will help them feel more comfortable in social situations.

Remember to take the time to try things out and not just dive in head first. It’s okay to try new things in manageable doses. It will take time to overcome social anxiety, and one will become more comfortable through time.

4. Very Slowly Enter Anxiety-Inducing Environments

Anxiety might attack an individual more when they are alone. However, they can slowly introduce themself to the environment that makes them feel anxious, even if it’s just a tiny part of the larger environment.

For example, maybe a person is not comfortable talking to strangers, or they are worried about what will happen if they mess up or say the wrong thing.

5. Feel Free To Take A Break And Focus On Other Things

Overcoming social anxiety can be difficult, but it’s important to remember that one doesn’t have to do it all at once. If an individual finds themself feeling overwhelmed or stressed, don’t be afraid to back out of a social situation for a little bit. There’s no need to feel bad for not enjoying themself.

Remember, the point of this exercise is to enjoy themself eventually. If one finds themself getting too stressed out, it’s okay to take a break to feel more comfortable before trying again.


Overcoming social anxiety is not an easy task. Still, with enough practice, one can learn to concentrate on the people around them and form new habits that will help the individual feel more comfortable talking with others and being in a social environment.

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