8 key facts you need to know about panic attacks

1. You are not alone

At least 6 million Americans suffer from panic attacks.

2. Living in New York makes you more vulnerable

Although there’s certainly plenty to love about living in New York, the constant stimulation of city life can take a toll on your mental health.

Research confirms it. Studies frequently show people who live in cities are more prone to anxiety disorders and similar issues than people who do not.

3. Panic disorder affects young professionals

Panic disorder can affect people of all ages, but symptoms most often start in the mid-20s.

4. Men and women experience panic attacks

Both men and women experience panic attacks, but panic disorder is twice as common in women as in men.

5. Panic attacks have physical and emotional symptoms

Physical symptoms may include racing heartbeat, chills, hot flashes, feeling short of breath, numb or tingling sensations (especially in the body’s extremities), a general shakiness, heavy sweating, stomach discomfort, nausea, and the sensation of being choked.

Common emotional symptoms include feeling as though you’re “losing control,” suddenly feeling you’re about to die, feeling detached from yourself and your experiences, and suspecting you are going crazy or have “lost your mind.”

6. Not all panic attacks are the same

Most people don’t experience all of the symptoms of a panic attack! In fact, it’s highly unlikely you would experience them all at the same time anyway.

Working with a therapist, you can determine if you’ve been struggling with genuine panic attacks or with anxiety attacks.

7. Panic disorder tends to last for a long-time if not treated

If you have suffered one or more panic attacks, you are likely to experience additional panic attacks over time, especially if you don’t get therapy.

People with a panic disorder tend to experience other emotional challenges, and the desire to avoid future panic attacks often provides motivation to deal with additional challenges that you might have.

8. Treatment for panic disorder is often effective

Panic attacks and other anxiety disorders are highly treatable and tend to respond well to therapy. Get help early. The faster you start treatment, the faster your recovery will be.
Get started on the road to recovery by scheduling an initial consultation with an expert therapist at Therapy24x7.

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