Coping Strategies for Pandemic-Related Mental Health Issues

The current health crisis has sparked many concerns in society. Aside from the many flaws in many public health systems globally, it has caused a worldwide downturn in mental health. While things may see respite soon because of the introduction of the vaccine, it is still good to find coping strategies to take care of one’s mental health amidst the grief and anxiety of the pandemic.

Mental Health Coping Strategies in the Middle of a Pandemic

Being Mindful of the News and Information Consumption

Staying up-to-date is always much better than not knowing. It is essential to be informed at all times for updates one may need to be aware of. 

However, not everything on the internet is accurate, and too much consumption of bad news can take a toll on one’s perspective. Like most good things, there needs to be a healthy balance of consumption, so it is best to limit screen time dedicated to news and updates. 

To limit online consumption, try to narrow your updates to the CDC. That way, you can ensure that you get fully verifiable and accurate facts. Checking news outlets for current updates every now and then can be healthy as long as one finds a healthy balance.

Connecting with Loved Ones on the Internet 

The internet has made it possible for people to connect with others through different messaging applications. Staying in touch with relatives and friends is a healthy way of stimulating the basic human need for socialization. Humans need a sense of community, especially with the current situation causing grief, panic, anxiety, stress, and intense isolation.  

Creating Healthy Distractions

Coping mechanisms are healthy distractions that can keep one’s well-being stable. With the current situation being ridden with many emotional triggers, one should not be pressured to stay “productive” at all costs. People need to let their minds rest.

One good distraction that seems to be appealing to many people is watching television or movies from subscription-based networks. Others have adopted new hobbies, such as crafting, cooking, and gardening. There is no one-size-fits-all distraction. Everyone has their own way of keeping the mind preoccupied and relaxed.

Seeking Professional Help

Online therapy has become essential during the pandemic. There is great benefit in talking to a mental health professional when things are too emotionally stressful. 

The benefit of online therapy besides being remote is the comfortability and price. Since patients are in the comfort of their own homes, they may be more comfortable sharing and expressing themselves rather than being in a professional office setting. It is also more affordable compared to walk-ins. 

However, patients can still see therapists in person as long as they follow safety protocols.


The coronavirus is something that the modern world did not see coming, so it is normal to feel unprepared as this has never happened before. But while things have changed significantly, life must go on, and society must adapt to the new standard changes. Incorporating these coping strategies can help people mentally adjust, which can make a difference in day-to-day life. 

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