Coping With COVID-19 Through Psychotherapy

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed society and the world in an unprecedented way. 

Above anything else, it greatly impacted people’s physical health and wellbeing. As the novel coronavirus is highly infectious, a significant percent of the world’s population came down with the disease. Moreover, the number of cases shows no signs of going down. 

On top of that, the world has witnessed an overwhelmingly large number of deaths in a few months. These COVID-19 fatalities are also occurring in successive waves—with the end nowhere in sight. 

These deaths related to the pandemic are already heartbreaking on their own. However, due to safety protocols, families cannot say goodbye to their loved ones, let alone be with them during their final moments. 

Aside from this, the global health crisis also brought about financial instability and anxiety. With businesses closing down due to the pandemic’s blow on the economy, millions of workers instantly became unemployed. With their source of livelihood gone, their previously solid plans for the future have crumbled to the ground. 

There has also been a widespread sense of isolation and loneliness due to the pandemic. People have given up face-to-face interactions and stayed at home to protect themselves and their loved ones. While instant messaging and video calls are available, they cannot replace the warmth of human touch.

With all of that said, the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to overwhelming levels of anxiety, depression, and social unrest, among many others. 

Blocked Mourning Amid the Pandemic

People heal from grief over a particular loss through mourning. While it cannot bring a loved one back or restore a physical loss, it enables the survivors to cope with the situation and move on with their lives. 

Holding funerals or sharing the experience of loss with others are helpful ways for people to mourn and heal from the tragedy. 

However, the current circumstances may also be restricting one’s ability or freedom to grieve and mourn. It could be that certain personality traits or defense mechanisms are suppressing one’s access to emotions. It could also be that the pandemic situation is demanding a person to move on quickly, leaving them with little to no time to mourn. 

This can result in blocked mourning, which can exacerbate pre-existing mental conditions and even contribute to new ones. 

The Importance of Psychotherapy

Some may find a way to move on without mourning; some may also find a way to mourn enough despite the current restrictions in which we live. 

However, many others may not be able to adapt well and develop blocked mourning. Living with this can put them at risk of complicated grief. In worst cases, this can lead them to become perennial mourners or to develop new mental disorders. 

This is where psychotherapy can be beneficial

Also called talk therapy, it can help unblock the mourning process and eliminate troubling symptoms. Whether done individually, in a group, or within a family, psychotherapy can create a safe space where the pain of loss can be carefully approached and dealt with. 

Ultimately, it can provide that interpersonal connection that allows a person to share his burdens with others. Releasing these burdens, even only through words, can help relieve a person of the crushing weight they have been carrying. 


Psychotherapy is essential in a world significantly changed and turned upside down by COVID-19. A person can only take so many blows—but the pandemic has been hurling problems left and right ever since it started. 

Humans need time to pause, talk about their pains, and mourn over their loss in a beaten-up world. Only through this will they be able to get back up and be ready to face another day. 

There’s nothing wrong with seeking out extra support when you need it. We’re here for you if you need psychotherapy in Brooklyn, NY! Our therapy and life-coaching services at Therapy24x7 are designed to help you move through anxiety, grief, or psychological trauma. Book your online appointment today and allow us to make a positive change in your life. 

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