How People Can Cope With COVID-Related Fear and Anxiety

When the coronavirus pandemic broke out late in 2019, no one could have predicted the state the world would be in today. What many people assumed would only last a few weeks has lasted months. 

It must feel like an eternity ago for most people when gathering, hugging, and being together was an everyday thing. Today in 2021, it’s a rarity, a luxury. Some might even call it a risk.

Naturally, this has affected a majority of the population’s mental health. Aside from the isolation, the monotony of everyday life can feel stifling after spending so long indoors.

The best thing to happen this year is the rollout of vaccines. With this new development, people are hopeful and excited. The restrictions in place are already being modified to accommodate this new freedom. But with this, it’s a significant change again for a lot of people. After so long in isolation, fear and anxiety surround the idea of “going back to normal.”

Here are a few ways a person can cope with these fears and anxiety:

Acknowledge Reality 

One of the most jarring things that people will encounter once they start going out again is the expectation for things to be back to how they used to be. They might expect others to behave the way they did before the pandemic. They might also expect too much from themselves. 

The reality is that everyone has come out of this pandemic changed. Some permanently, others temporarily. It will take some time to get comfortable and feel free outside again. People shouldn’t expect themselves to be the way they were before. Touching will take some getting used to again. But with time and patience, people will find their way back or to a new version of themselves.

Make a List

It can be overwhelming to have the freedom and mobility to go about life like before after being confined indoors and away from people for so long. It might be helpful to make a list of things to do. It’s a metaphorical and straightforward step into the outside world. 

The list can be the anchor that gives people direction and something solid to hold onto. It is proof of the life they led and can continue again now that things are going back to normal. 

Continue Wearing Masks

One of the biggest anxieties the pandemic brought was the fear of infection. Even now, with the vaccine, it’s still a valid fear because the vaccine serves to prevent severe cases of COVID, not make people immune to it. 

For some people, the facemask can also provide comfort and security. With so many variables to consider, like becoming a carrier, coming into contact with an unvaccinated person, catching the virus themselves—people’s feelings of fear are valid. And just because it’s safer to be out and about once again does not mean the people should stop taking precautions. 


The pandemic has been unpredictable, and so even with restrictions being lightened up, people still have doubts and fear about going out. That’s understandable. However, what everyone must remember is that there is an end to all of this. With each vaccinated individual, the world comes closer to getting back to normal. No one should be ashamed of their COVID-related anxiety, but there are many ways to manage these feelings.

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