COVID-19 and PTSD: A Pressing Issue in 2020

The prevalence of PTSD among war survivors and veterans in the USA is growing. This prevalence has been a pressing issue that has cost America billions of dollars in recent decades. The environment of war is relatable to that of hell. It exudes the negative energy of death and destruction, and the things seen on the battlefield are traumatizing. Nobody comes home from war the same, and many soldiers who have taken the lives of others feel a sense of emptiness afterward. 

With 2020 offering even more stress, this has caused issues with people’s “Surge Capacity,” which has affected the mental health of the majority of the population. With the feelings of uncertainty flooding back into people’s minds, this is likely why the feelings of PTSD are more vital now more than ever. 

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Heavy exposure to traumatic events and environments can be the primary source of triggering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. This disorder is primarily associated with veterans due to overexposure to highly traumatic events and loud sounds. Being around too much death is far from ordinary, which often carries on when they come home. It is also possible for regular civilians to develop PTSD, such as children or people physically abused for long periods. 

COVID-19 and PTSD: Why One Might Be Feeling Worse

With all the news going around that may or may not be accurate, this has caused a sense of nationwide panic. Nobody knows the virus’s actual status, people don’t care anymore, and widespread violence and hate are present. It is similar to being on the battlefield, where there is no guarantee that soldiers will come back from it, many have turned nonchalant to the topic of death, and violence is a norm. Coming home from war is thought to have been a way to escape the harsh feelings of PTSD, but this global pandemic has forced people into a shutdown state that is incredibly draining. 

How One Can Lessen the Impact of COVID-19 and PTSD

There are a few ways to combat COVID-19 that therapists in New York City came up with to support those suffering from mental health issues. As the epicenter of the virus during the earlier days, there are a few things that have kept New Yorkers strong:

Follow the Right Sources of Information

Fake news is prevalent in today’s world. Politicians, trolls, and many other people on the internet are proprietors of fake news. The spread of this can make people panic and therefore deteriorate their sanity. Therapists in New York City have suggested that people stay away from toxic accounts in social media by blocking these and only following reputable news sources. Staying up to date on the flow of the virus is essential, and everyone must do their part to soften the blow that is striking medical professional frontliners. 

Keep In Touch

Psychotherapy in New York City always promotes staying in touch with friends and family. Isolating is the worst thing anyone suffering from mental illnesses can do, so it is advised that people make calls, text friends, and even have people come over if safe. Bonding over excellent video games, good food, and even overall family company can make a huge difference in surviving the pandemic. 

Know That Some Things Can Be Controlled

While the virus brings plenty of uncertainties, essential psychotherapy always says that life elements can be controlled. Knowing that help is only a call away at any time through emergency services can be a significant factor in keeping calm. It also helps people take time away from watching the news and even being on social media. Additionally, the nearest therapy services are generally available to help, and friends and family will always be there to listen. 


PTSD is complex, and the Coronavirus has made it an even more significant challenge. Those who fight battles need not do so alone, as plenty of people is willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Whether these are friends or family, the people shall arise. 

Therapy24x7 offers psychotherapy, and life coaching services both in-office and online for those affected by the stress life brings along with it. 2020 can be a challenge for many, and we understand the need for stress management and even just the need for someone to listen. Contact us for anything you might need during your fight against your demons, and we will assist at any time. 

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