Difficult Break-Ups

Therapy for a break-up? You bet! And here’s why:

If you’re in the dating world, sooner or later you’re likely to experience the end of a romantic relationship. Break-ups are just a part of the process of finding a long-term partner or even a spouse.

Not All Break-ups Are Created Equal

Not all break-ups are earth-shaking. Most break-ups are hard but fairly benign. They’re sad but not life-altering. Other break-ups, however, can send you reeling and leave you struggling to move past the pain. Break-ups signal the end of a dream of sorts. The path you imagined the relationship would take is no longer to be. The pain of that loss can be intense.

Friends and family tell you to get over it and move on. You want to move on but you just can’t get past the memories. You can’t move past the pain. You should be able to do this, right? Just “getting over it” is a lot harder than it sounds. Before you blame yourself for not being “strong enough” to just “move on”, read on. There’s a lot more going on than just some hurt feelings.

Why are some break-ups so intensely painful?

It’s a question researchers have wondered about for a long time. Why is it that sometimes we just can’t get past a break-up? They’ve happened for eons. You’d think we’d be well-adapted by now. It turns out that there is more to it. And, neuroscientists have found some interesting clues.

Using fMRI studies, researchers have found that the brain processes break-ups in ways similar to when people experience physical pain. Areas of the brain that are activated in pain response are also activated when people saw photos of their ex-partners. Other research has found similarities in brain patterns with break-ups and with grief that are associated with feelings of sadness, rumination, and chronic depression.  What’s even more revealing is that these brain patterns can persist for months after a break-up.

You’ve probably heard of and may have experienced what many people describe as a “craving” for an ex-partner. You’re not imagining it and you’re not being dramatic.  Some studies have actually found a possible link between brain patterns associated with addiction and difficulty coping with break-ups. These patterns are seen in areas of the brain associated with reward and motivation and more specifically, the release of dopamine that is seen with drug addiction. This research lends insight into the intense feelings of need or “cravings” people for an ex-partner that people often report. These feelings can be quite intense and create significant distress.

What Can You Do?

The good news is, when you understand why something is happening, you can take the next steps to healing and dealing with the situation. For some, time does heal all wounds. For others, having someone to help you gain insight and develop skills to cope can ease the pain and set you back on a path of hope and wellness.

If you find yourself stuck in that post-break-up struggle, help is here!

Therapy24x7 therapists are experts in helping people navigate the ups and downs of relationships of all types.  They understand the impacts a hard break-up can have. They know how to help you move through the loss in a healthy way. You’ll regain your confidence and strength and have a new set of coping skills to help you thrive.

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