How Our Personal World Is Changing During COVID

As we age, our definitions of happiness and what makes up happy change, and a lot of it has to do with the situations we are in at the present moment. Perhaps when you were a kid, happiness meant your parents were buying you a toy because, at that present moment, that was a toy you’d dreamed of having. Now that you are in your older years, happiness may be landing that job with a good position because as we age, priorities shift, and there are different things to be worrying over. 

Nowadays, there has been a worldwide bout of sadness, anger, depression, and many other negative emotions thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. While these times are trying for many people, anxiety is expected regarding what is happening to the world. This whole situation has had people re-evaluating the essential things in life. 

Pre-COVID-19, the world we lived in was all about acquiring things that made us happy, but now, there is an increasing desire for better relationships and finding inner peace. There is a reason why we are called “human beings” and not “human doings.” By examining what it means to be happy, we can achieve that happiness and avoid the stresses caused by any situation thrown at us. 

Shifts In Core Values Are Normal

What you value in life typically never stays consistent forever. While some aspects of your life are non-negotiable for core values, new ones can arise as time goes by. Age is the most significant factor in what changes our values because of the things we experience, the people we meet, and the wisdom earned. 

While we may value love, freedom, aesthetics, and expression in our earlier years, adulthood can often change things, like valuing health, security, and other things. Sometimes, the desire to learn becomes more profound, and we value the knowledge we gain. The point is that time, experiences, and events can shift our core values and what makes us happy. 

Stop And Think For A Bit: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself

Happiness is based on getting the things you want, which is what is most important to you. A general rule of thumb is that the more you live your life in alignment with what matters to you and your values in line, the happier you will be. There are three things to ask yourself as you reflect, which are:

Have Your Desires Changed In Your World?

Reflecting will show you the changes your life is going through and which ones to value. Perhaps you find happiness in helping others now more than ever, or you are becoming more adaptable to situations, or even a reliable person for other people. 

What Do You Want To Get Out Of What You Do?

This reflection will help you find the direction in life that will genuinely make you happy. Perhaps you have been hanging on to a job that treats you unjustly, or you simply are not interested in the field you are in anymore. Making the shifts to find better opportunities to grow, meet better people, and hone the skills you have always wanted to have. All these will make you happier because they will give your life purpose and meaning to what you do. 

Are There Values That Are Strengthening Or Receding?

When you see what values have shifted in your life, this will assist you in making better decisions that are healthy for you. Sometimes, our values conflict with our line of work or other values, so when a value is strengthening while the other recedes, getting rid of the weaker ones gives room for more growth. 


Changing values is not a bad thing per se. If the values coming inwards are suitable for your soul and are positive and healthy, there is no reason to resist. If you have trouble aligning your life with your values, do not worry so much. The trick is to take every bit of happiness you experience and live life a day at a time, worrying less about the past and what the future holds. 

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