How to Fight COVID Fatigue

More than a year into the pandemic and many are feeling all forms of exhaustion. For months, the public has faced the uncertainty and fear of living during the pandemic. Many had to deal with the constant threat of layoffs, illnesses, and deaths, all while being away from typical coping methods, such as social gatherings, indulging in delicious food, or simply going out of the houses. 

Because of all these constraints, it has led to widespread emotional exhaustion, also known as COVID fatigue. COVID fatigue actually affects a person more than just their mental health because the adverse effects can lead to health risks, too.

For this reason, many people find that regular psychotherapy sessions help with dealing with COVID fatigue as it helps them see things from a different perspective. Besides that, therapists can provide COVID recovery techniques to help minimize exhaustion and manage emotional distress. 

What Is COVID Fatigue?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused people to respond with a fight-or-flight response. In this type of response, a person can have several responses — they can either resist the threat, escape the threat, become paralyzed by it, or give in to the threat.

However, this type of stress shouldn’t be long-term or permanent since various coping methods can help calm a person down. But the thing is, COVID-19 won’t let us rest. And with that, we aren’t equipped to handle a stressor this long, leading to freezing and giving in to the threat, manifesting to what we call COVID fatigue. 

Different Ways to Deal with COVID Fatigue

The COVID-19 pandemic is undeniably affecting everyone; however, the situation is much harder for people dealing with mental illness. Fortunately, virtual psychotherapy sessions allow patients and therapists to meet to help ease the burden of COVID fatigue. 

Besides speaking to a therapist, here are other ways to overcome COVID fatigue:

  • Keep Moving: Stress and worry can build up in a person’s body, leading to emotional breakdowns and outbursts. But one of the best ways to release this negative energy is by upping the production of endorphins through exercise. Whether it’s doing a 30-minute HIIT workout at home or heading out for a quick run, movement can definitely ease COVID fatigue symptoms.
  • Practice Mindfulness: One of the biggest lessons the pandemic has taught people was to be aware of the present moment. Mindfulness allows a person to focus on tasks, their environment, and even their breathing, pushing them to feel much safer in their space. Simple things like mindful breathing and eating can change the mindset of people during this difficult time.
  • Conscious Consumption: Humans are like sponges, and whatever harmful content they absorb can manifest to physical and mental stress. With that being said, people should be more mindful about what they consume in social media, news outlets, and more. Most of the time, disinformation may circulate, leading to distress. 

The Bottom Line: COVID Fatigue Is Real, but There Are Ways to Overcome It

Finding the light at the end of the tunnel can be difficult for many, but it’s essential to avoid feeling disheartened about the situation. Fortunately, psychotherapy sessions are accessible now more than ever, allowing people dealing with COVID fatigue to get professional help and guidance during these difficult times.

By following the tips above and getting professional help, COVID fatigue will feel more manageable, and people can finally be their own light in this long dark tunnel. 

How Can Therapy24x7 Help You?

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