How to Grieve a Loved One Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

It is difficult to mourn a loved one’s passing, but even more so during the coronavirus crisis. Many people aren’t able to go through the necessary stages of grief because of coronavirus protocols. COVID-19 makes mourning someone more complicated than it already is because the support systems we rely on during this time are inaccessible. In grief counseling, a person gains the tools to help himself articulate what he wants and to help deal with the loss.

Having someone to mourn with lets a person access those emotions, but in the absence of physical presence, reaching out through electronic means could provide comfort. An online grief counseling session could give someone a healthy way to process their feelings, and they can reach out to their friends and family through private messaging or video apps.


People who are suffering might not know how to express their needs, and if there are no friends or extended family to step in and care for them, it adds to the grief. The coronavirus crisis has changed so many things about modern society—even how we cope with death.

Therapy24x7 assists individuals who recently lost a loved one, helping them move toward acceptance and embrace the changes in their lives. We provide grief counseling in New York, teaching people how to manage their feelings through techniques grounded in cognitive behavior therapy. Visit our clinic today to learn more about the process.

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