How Unresolved Trauma Harms Yourself and Relationships

When talking about “trauma,” it often refers to events that negatively impact a person. While trauma can be used on physical well-being, such as after an accident, emotional trauma can also occur, and mental trauma can eventually be resolved through a series of treatments with professionals. However, not everyone has the capacity or chooses to seek help. This is why individuals often carry this trauma for the rest of their lives.

How Unresolved Trauma Impacts A Life

As one goes through their life, they will encounter many experiences and people to meet. Sometimes, some events could remind one of the event or person that has caused their trauma, triggering an episode.

Additionally, with unresolved trauma, a person may try to keep to themselves and avoid any situations that would seem similar. It could significantly affect their life and well-being and result in them missing out on opportunities and experiences.

Trauma could also manifest itself in highly detrimental forms. A person could place themselves in physical harm due to unresolved trauma. They may end up not eating or sleeping correctly or even turn to alcohol or illegal drugs.

Overall, it is clear that unresolved trauma harms a person in more ways than one would think. It could affect many aspects of their lives and even worsen over time. One must try and get help whenever trauma is experienced.

How Unresolved Trauma Affects Relationships

Aside from this unresolved trauma affecting one’s quality of life, it may also affect the people around them. Relationships are often shaken up by trauma. This does not necessarily talk about romantic relationships but could be about familial, friendly, and even professional relationships.

In families, having unresolved trauma could result in aggressive emotions. This causes the family members to become distant and possibly even estranged. It could be that the family may have played a role or ended up triggering the trauma.

On the other hand, friendships may not even form with unresolved trauma. Those who have this unresolved trauma may have difficulty socializing with others. Suppression can result in more detrimental impacts on the well-being of the individual. It could also be pressuring for individuals to ensure that their social circle does not reveal their trauma.

A person could lose out on many opportunities because of their trauma. Trauma could also hinder one from searching for a job or achieving career goals. They may end up wanting to stay indoors or find comfort in a simple job when they could have a better career.

In romantic relationships, trust needs to be established, and respect each other’s boundaries. It can result in anger and negative associations with one another. A person having trauma may have difficulty establishing trust, and the partner may also have trouble understanding the trauma.


Trauma needs to be addressed and resolved for the well-being of a person. Unresolved trauma has a lot of negative impacts on an individual. It could harm the rest of their lives and prevent them from growing.

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