How Working From Home Can Affect Your Mental Health

While vastly convenient, working from home can take its toll on everyone. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many offices were forced to stop manual operations and go remote. In fact, experts predict that a majority of these jobs will remain remote even after the pandemic slows down.

While it has its benefits, there’s no denying that some aspects of working from home can hinder our mental health. Stress, anxiety, and depression can fester when left to our own devices. The line between work and relaxation will blur, leaving employees to struggle with work-life balance.

In this article, let’s explore how exactly working from home will affect employees and how they can cope.

What Working From Home Does

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of mental health issues that employees struggle with while working from home. It’s not uncommon for employees to experience stress in their careers, but long-term stress is cause for concern.

Chronic stress can have a negative impact not just on mental health but emotional health and well-being as well.

How Stress Can Affect Workflow

If employees feel stress building up in their minds, it might even cause burnout and depression in the long run. Long-term stress feels like a shadow looming over the employees to complete daily tasks.

This will could potentially affect worker performance as well as mental well-being. People who experience burnout tend to have negative feelings about work and thus don’t feel very motivated to get things done.

Burnout leaves employees feeling too exhausted to get any practical work done. It is an actual condition that workers are commonly diagnosed with, and even more prominently in recent months due to work-from-home setups becoming the new normal for most companies.

Ramifications of Stress on Physical Well-Being

Being burnt-out and stressed will affect one’s physical well-being on top of their emotional well-being. Stress and burnout can manifest into physical ailments, such as health problems.

Some common physical health problems include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and some forms of heart disease. It might even manifest some skin disorders and hormone fluctuations. For some women, it might even cause menstrual problems.

Physical health is valued, especially in this age of COVID-19. Once the immune system is compromised, it will be harder to battle other physical ailments. If left untreated, this could even affect one’s sleeping habits, which breeds more health problems of its own.

Finding Work-Life Balance

It is imperative to find a work-life balance during the work-from-home situation when it comes to stress and burnout. Finding strategies that will work should depend from person to person. Ultimately, any efforts spared toward finding rest and relaxation will help.

Employees should make sure they get enough time to develop hobbies outside of work to feel more refreshed and energized.


Without work-life balance, employees will inevitably fall into burnout, demotivating them from their work endeavors. They are encouraged to seek professional help to find ways to combat chronic stress.

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