Living With Anxiety – 3 Ways to Cope and Live Well

Living with Anxiety – 3 ways to cope and live well!! PART 1

Experiencing anxiety is a normal part of life. In reality, there are many stressors in day-to-day activities that can cause one to feel anxious. It could be introducing oneself to new people or giving a big presentation at work.

For some, anxiety simply brings about feelings of worry, fear, or tension that go away once the trigger is gone. However, some may experience more severe symptoms such as panic attacks and even chest pain. Some people have intense and persistent worry or fear of everyday situations. 

The Truth Behind Anxiety 

Anxiety disorders are common; it is among the most common mental health issues that the U.S. faces. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, they affect around 40 million people across the states. 

The bright side of this is that anxiety disorders are highly manageable. With prompt treatment and effective coping mechanisms, an individual living with anxiety can learn to manage symptoms. 

Living With Severe Anxiety 

However, it’s worth noting that anxiety disorder is a mental illness that never goes away entirely; it also has no cure. However, as mentioned earlier, some steps can be taken to manage their symptoms. These same measures can also help you to improve this mental condition and return to your regular routine. 

Living with Anxiety – 3 ways to cope and live well!! PART 2

Aside from seeking treatments and therapies, individuals with anxiety disorders must also pick up good coping skills and healthy habits, like the following:  

1. Stopping Anxiety as Soon as It Starts

Anxiety attacks can be seriously crippling and debilitating. Nevertheless, an individual experiencing an attack can manage its symptoms by suppressing it before it worsens. 

Start by questioning your thoughts and reactions during these episodes and focus on your breathing.

2. Sticking to a Healthier Diet 

It may not seem like it, but physical and mental health are connected. Consequently, being physically healthy positively impacts an individual’s mental health; it can help him cope with anxiety better and manage its symptoms. 

3. Determining the Triggers 

Another effective way to manage anxiety is to identify and stay on top of its triggers. Pinpointing these triggers will help a person understand the external factors that worsen their condition and avoid them. 


While it is true that anxiety is a condition that never entirely goes away, it is a manageable one. It is for this reason that seeking help is essential. 

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