Mental Health During the Holiday Season’s New Normal

The 2020 holiday season is going to be unlike any other periods in previous years. There is still an ongoing fear and self-loathing as the coronavirus continues to make daily life challenging. That is why there must be more discussions on the issues and practical means to adapt and cling to the festive spirit. 

This article lays out the contextual landscape for the holiday season’s “new normal.” It’s an opportunity for families and their loved ones to have a clearer understanding of today’s communities’ mental health reality. 

The Need for Social Connection and Structure During the Holidays 

It’s vital to understand what the brain goes through during these prolonged periods of social isolation. Still, you must also understand that this is a particularly stark contrast from the holiday season most people are used to—family gatherings, religious celebrations, and public festivities. Unfortunately, none of these social connection opportunities are available during this upcoming holiday season. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) advises the public to avoid the 3Cs: close-contact settings, crowded places, and confined spaces. These adjustments mean that social connections during the festive season are strained, which can have adverse effects on one’s mental health and possibly leading to anxiety. We recommend individuals to rework their perceptions of normalcy and find coping mechanisms to adapt and become mentally resilient.

Mental Health Tips to Adapt to Holiday Season Changes

The following tips may be considered to keep to one’s mental health needs amid the holidays: 

  1. Seek professional help: Some individuals during the pandemic may be witnessing social-connection withdrawal, resulting in depressive episodes and increased anxiety levels. Suffers from these mental health symptoms must seek professional psychiatric care to ensure proper stress management and provide much-needed talk therapy to address mental health issues. 
  2. Create a healthy routine: Individuals seeking refuge at home need to find ways to form a healthy routine that can keep them proactive and motivated throughout the day. It is also recommended to adopt new habits like journaling and meditation, to regulate healthy brain activity and understand one’s emotional state. 
  3. Converse through the Internet with friends and family: There are many technological means, such as video conferencing and online chatting, to provide everyone with avenues to socially connect from a safe distance. Putting these means to practice ensures that there is community-like accountability for everyone. Likewise, these online means are opportunities to stay connected during the holiday season! 
  4. Treat oneself to rewards: There are many occasions for people stuck at home to reward themselves, such as taking a hot bath or spending some money on a pizza takeover. These little incentives can uplift one’s mood and get into the self-gifting holiday spirit!   


The holiday season’s new standard is a challenging feat, but there are ways around it. All you need to do is adapt and be mindful of your mental health needs to ensure that the festive season can be just as cheerful and fulfilling as any other period. Similarly, everyone must remember all the previously mentioned information to put oneself at ease and stay determined to one’s dreams and aspirations! 

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