Anxiety Attacks

Whether you are experiencing obsessive thoughts, phobias, unrelenting worries, or suffering from chronic panic attacks, anxiety does not have to control your life. Let an experienced therapist help you learn new ways to cope with your anxiety.

Everyone feels anxious or nervous now and then. Life is full of stressors and unexpected changes that we aren’t always prepared for. For most people, their anxiety tends to subside once the stressor has been resolved or eliminated. For others, anxiety becomes a problem and can impact every aspect of daily life.

Anxiety, when it becomes problematic, can affect you in many ways. It is more than simply being a little nervous about something new or unexpected. With anxiety, you may experience frequent feelings of worry, fear or dread. You may experience obsessive thoughts or compulsions. You may not even know why you’re feeling this way. Left unchecked, anxiety can affect your ability to function. It can even contribute to feelings of depression. Some people with severe anxiety may also experience panic attacks.  

Understanding Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety is a feeling of worry or uneasiness about an imminent event or situation or when the outcome of a situation is uncertain. This worry can also be related to something that we anticipate might happen. Anxiety in and of itself is not a medical or mental health disorder. In fact, having some anxiety is normal and beneficial, prompting us to take action when needed. However, sometimes we have too much anxiety (often referred to as anxiety attacks). When bouts of anxiety affect your functioning, it rises to the level of an anxiety disorder and mental health professionals look to the underlying causes to understand the source of that distress.

Panic and panic attacks, on the other hand, are recognized as a specific disorder. They are characterized by severe symptoms such as sweating, a racing heart or palpitations, shortness of breath and often, an overwhelming fear of dying. These attacks are unpredictable and can happen without warning and without a clear trigger. People who experience panic will often avoid social situations for fear of having an attack in public.

Regardless of whether your anxiety takes the form of anxiety attacks or panic attacks, you can do something about it. You don’t have to deal with it alone. Help is here.

Accessible and Affordable Therapy

At Therapy24x7, our experienced therapists can help you regain control and overcome your anxiety. With three locations to serve you, we offer therapeutic services that are affordable and accessible with appointment times to fit almost any schedule. Both offices are accepting new patients and offer flexible, online appointment scheduling. There is no need to live with anxiety and panic attacks. Our expertly-trained therapists are here to help you find relief.

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