Chronic Depression

Depression can leave you feeling isolated and rob you of the joy found in even the simplest things. Early intervention with an experienced therapist can help you to find real solutions for your depression. With a new set of skills, you can find joy and live the life you want.

It’s normal to feel depressed sometimes. Unexpected changes or losses can disrupt your mood and leave you feeling sad, hopeless, even a little angry. For most people, these feelings are temporary, and their mood stabilizes over time. For others, their mood is persistently low or depressed. They are generally able to manage their lives, but their mood remains depressed and just makes things harder.

Chronic depression, clinically referred to as Dysthymia or Persistent Depressive Disorder, is a type of depression that develops and persists over time. It is the most common form of depression, affecting about 6% of the population. It is often described as having “the blues” all the time.

Symptoms of Chronic Depression

Common symptoms of dysthymia include:

  • Depressed mood for most of the day, on most days, for a period of months or years
  • Poor appetite or overeating
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Low energy or fatigue
  • Low self-esteem
  • Poor concentration or difficulty making decisions
  • Feelings of hopelessness.
  • Loss of interest in pleasurable things (also known as anhedonia)

Symptoms can be mild or quite severe. In more severe cases, symptoms of a major depressive episode (such as thoughts of self-harm) may also be present.

The good news is that this type of depression is amenable to treatment. Depending on your unique needs, treatment could include medication, psychotherapy or lifestyle changes. Current research suggests that psychotherapy is one of the most effective interventions for this type of depression.

Psychotherapy for Chronic Depression

Psychotherapy offers people the opportunity to identify the underlying factors that contribute to their depression and to deal effectively with them. A skilled therapist can help you to explore problems on a deeper level and identify patterns of thinking that may contribute to feelings of helplessness or hopelessness.

Psychotherapy helps people see that they have choices and can experience pleasure and fulfillment in their lives. Through therapy, you can set goals and with your therapist, learn new ways of dealing with problems allowing you to regain a sense of control and reclaim your life.

Psychotherapy isn’t a quick fix. It is one part of a comprehensive treatment approach to managing depression. Consistent treatment increases the chances of maintaining mood stability over time and helps the person to manage symptoms with support.

Accessible and Affordable Therapy

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