Relational Counseling

It’s not you, it’s me. Sound familiar? Your unique background and experiences influence how you relate to others. If you find yourself struggling to find satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationships, relational counseling can help you to understand and deal with those issues and find the happiness you seek.

Part of our humanity and our emotional well-being is connection and being connected to others in healthy ways. Things like our upbringing, culture, race and gender influence how we view and operate in our world and what we bring to relationships.

We all bring our own strengths, beliefs, and issues into every relationship we have. Sometimes, though, our unique history causes us to avoid or be unable to connect to others in those ways that encourage healthy communication and connection. When that happens, our relationships become a source of emotional distress and are difficult to maintain. The same pattern repeats over and over. And you’re left wondering why? Is it them? Is it me? 

Over time, the breakdowns in these vital connections can contribute to emotional problems including anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem and more. When you start to see a pattern,  it’s an indicator that your past may be getting in the way. That’s when relational counseling can help. 

What is Relational Counseling?

Relational counseling is an individual approach to counseling that allows you to explore and address the underlying issues that prevent you from being fulling engaged in your relationships. Relational counseling is not couples counseling. Some of the insights and skills you’ll gain can help you sustain healthier relationships of every kind.  

The Benefits of Relational Counseling

 Relational counseling can help you to learn effective ways to make and sustain healthy, satisfying relationships in your life.

Using a relational approach, you and your therapist will:

  • Explore the past issues that influence your present thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Explore and reveal your authentic self.
  • Identify and understand the strategies for disconnection you unconsciously use with others and how they affect your emotional well-being.
  • Identify healthy strategies for making connections with others to build more fulfilling, sustainable relationships.

When you heal your past and learn to engage with others in healthy ways, you lay the foundation for emotionally sound, fulfilling relationships. You’re able to break the unhealthy and destructive patterns that have prevented that authentic connection we all need.

Accessible and Affordable Therapy

At Therapy24x7, our experienced therapists can help you to address your relationship issues. With three locations to serve you, we offer therapeutic services that are affordable and accessible with appointment times to fit almost any schedule. Both offices are accepting new patients and offer flexible, online appointment scheduling. You can have the healthy, fulfilling relationships you desire and our expertly-trained therapists are here to help. Reach out to the Therapy24x7 team today to schedule your consultation.