3 Tips for Practicing Self Care in a Busy City

It’s no secret that living in a city like New York can be very stimulating. However, all that stimulation comes at a price. A hectic busy city lifestyle is often overwhelming. It’s easy and understandable for New Yorkers to get stressed out from time to time.

That’s why it’s important to make self care one of your top priorities. If you want to thrive, you need to remember to address your own mental and emotional health needs.

These tips will help. To better understand how to practice self care in New York, keep them in mind.

Take Advantage of Local Parks

New Yorkers fortunately have access to numerous parks throughout the city. Taking a breather in one every now and then can be quite beneficial. Research shows that spending time in urban green spaces has a positive impact on the average city-dweller’s mood. Additionally, researchers have found that children who grow up with limited access to green spaces are more likely than others to struggle with mental health conditions later in life.

This isn’t to suggest that relaxing in Central Park is a cure for genuine depression, anxiety, or other conditions. You may need to work with a therapist to manage these issues. However, as a means of practicing self care in a busy city, visiting your nearest park whenever you have the chance is simple, affordable, and effective.

Practice Two Types of Self Care Together

Practice Two Types of Self Care Together

You probably know that New Yorkers are often busy people. When you have so many responsibilities in daily life, finding time for self care may be challenging.

That said, you also know that people who live in this city are efficient. They know how to squeeze as much productivity as possible into every hour of the day.

Thus, if you’re the type of New York resident who feels there just isn’t enough time to take care of yourself, embrace your efficiency-focused mindset by combining two or more self care activities.

For instance, exercising regularly is a very important component of self care. Working out yields both physical and mental health benefits.

So does socializing. Spending time with friends and family is just as crucial as exercising frequently. In an ideal world, you would have time for both, but with a busy city lifestyle, that might not always be the case.

When this happens, you may still find room for both by combining them. Maybe you’ll find a weekly fitness class a friend is also interested in. You can both go together, engaging in two regular forms of self care at once. 

That’s just one example. The main point to remember is that making self care a priority when you have a busy lifestyle is often easier when you look for ways to combine activities.

Practice Mindfulness

Many people have become familiar with the concept of mindfulness in recent years. This trend has caused some to dismiss it as a mere fad.

Don’t make that mistake! So many people are embracing mindfulness because it works. Mindfulness, which basically involves focusing on the present moment (something many achieve by closing their eyes and meditating while focusing on their breath), has been shown to reduce stress, boost cognitive function, and even improve relationship satisfaction, among other major benefits.

You also don’t need to go on a long meditation retreat out in the woods to take advantage of it. Focusing on the present moment is just as possible in a busy city like New York as it is in a monastery. On top of that, although New Yorkers certainly have access to plenty of meditation classes, there are also many apps and online videos on the subject. If you’re the kind of New Yorker who spends a lot of time using their tech devices, use them to learn mindfulness meditation.

It’s also important to remember that practicing self care sometimes requires seeking professional care. Again, if problems like stress or depression are having a significant negative impact on your life, it may be necessary to work with a specialist to overcome them. Get started by scheduling your initial consultation with Therapy24x7.

In the meantime, however, anyone living in a busy city could benefit from practicing self care whenever possible. These points illustrate just a few of the ways you may do so.

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