How Can Therapy Change One’s Body Image?

People need to recognize and acknowledge their feelings and sensations to be genuinely comfortable in their bodies. It is easier said than done, though. One has to understand basic techniques of mentally scanning their body several times a day to be aware of their sensations, the tensions experienced, and more. Therapy can be helpful in this process. 

In this post, one of the most trusted therapists in Brooklyn, NY, shares how therapy can help change one’s body image: 

Therapy Can Help Patients Have a Deeper Understanding of What Body Image Is

There is a false perception that therapy only addresses emotional and behavioral issues. Still, it can also help manage body image concerns. The therapist can help patients better understand their body image issues. Once patients know how emotions and long-held negative beliefs affect their body image, they can change their perceptions positively. By addressing the root causes of their issues, the patient can learn to work with their inner negative beliefs and create new ways of thinking and behaving.

Therapy Can Teach Patients to Be More Mindful of Their Bodies, Mind, and Emotions

Body image issues happen because of how people think and feel about themselves. The negative feelings and thoughts drive them to have a poor body image. Therapy can help by teaching patients to be more aware of their bodies, mind, and emotions. 

Therapy Can Help Encourage Compassion for Oneself

There are times when body image issues can be so overwhelming that they can lead to self-loathing and physical harm. Patients must learn to be more compassionate and kind to themselves in such situations. Therapy can help people redefine how they see themselves and understand that they are valuable and worth loving.

The therapist listens to and acknowledges the patient. They understand the patient’s emotional and physical needs and assist them in meeting these. Hence, the patient and therapist must work together as a team to develop solutions and implement them. 

Therapy Helps Patients Challenge Negative Thoughts

Body image issues happen because of how we think of ourselves and others. Negative thoughts haunt the patient and talk them into believing that they are not good enough or that others are superior to them. Therapy helps patients challenge their negative beliefs and thoughts and question their reality. 

The goal of therapy is to help the patient discover constructive ways to deal with their body image issues. It is not limited to addressing the problems. Still, it teaches them ways to solve problems and prevent future issues. 

Changing one’s body image can take time, mainly when deeply held beliefs and negative emotions drive it. However, with the right help and guidance, it can be done.

Therapy Teaches the Importance of Taking Care of Oneself

The therapist teaches patients to take care of themselves and provides them with the tools they need to achieve this. As they learn to care for themselves, they feel more confident and good about themselves. Hence, they can begin to like and feel comfortable in their body.


Someone confident in themselves and their body has a good and healthy body image. Therapy can help the patient understand and feel comfortable with their body. In doing so, they can start to improve their body image. Affordable therapy in Brooklyn is available to anyone burdened by body image issues and other concerns that may affect their mental health and overall well-being.

Therapy 24×7 offers services from an experienced therapist in Brooklyn, NY, who can help people dealing with specific issues, including those that have to do with body image. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment with our therapists. 

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