Online Therapy Experts

Online therapy, also known as telehealth or telemental health, is growing in popularity as an alternative to traditional in-person therapy. And now, with the coronavirus pandemic requiring many people to remain home, online therapy is keeping therapy available to those who need it and clients connected with their therapists.

Online therapy is not a technique or type of therapy. The online therapy modality is a different way of delivering therapy that bridges the distance gap. Online therapy offers clients benefits that can make getting therapeutic services easy and convenient.

• Flexible scheduling – See a therapist at a time that works with your schedule.
• No travel time – You can see your therapist from the comfort of your home or office.
• Cost-effective – No travel expense or having to use time off for appointments.
• Effective for many issues – Many types of issues can safely be addressed via online therapy
• May be covered by insurance – more plans are covering online therapy services.

Online therapy seems new but it has actually been a part of the healthcare delivery system since the 1950’s. As technology has expanded, access has increased. Online therapy has now become an integral part of the mental healthcare system.

Still, the biggest question people have is, “Is online therapy as good as in-person therapy?”

Multiple studies support the efficacy and benefit of online therapy for many types of issues and clients. According to a 2018 meta-analysis, online therapy was found to be “effective, acceptable and practical healthcare” and as effective as in-person therapy for issues including depression and anxiety.

When choosing an online therapist, experience matters.

Not every therapist is trained to use online therapy systems effectively. You want an expert who understands this modality and who can help you get the most out of your online therapy experience.

Therapy 24/7 has been at the forefront of the online therapy movement. Our experienced therapists are pioneers in the delivery of online therapy and have been providing this service for many years. They have the knowledge and the experience needed to ensure an effective and clinically sound experience.

Whether you’re new to therapy or looking to resume therapy, Therapy 24/7 is here and ready to help. With three locations to serve you and convenient appointment times available, you can start therapy when and how works best for you.