3 Tips to Fight Social Media-Made Insecurities – Our Guide

For most Americans, the idea of self-love and confidence is a topic that can get quite touchy at times because of how difficult it can be for many to accept their bodies as they are.

With social media bumping up everyone’s envy meters and pushing unhealthy standards, many end up fixating on all the different things they wish they could change whenever they are in front of the mirror. At times, it can seem nearly impossible to feel comfortable in one’s own skin when they see all these social media posts featuring ripped and skinny models on feeds, billboards, and magazines.

How social media is changing the way people see themselves

Although modern technology makes our life much more convenient in many ways, it also has downsides, causing many people to feel far less grateful for what they have. Social media has caused a wildfire of insecurity where edited images have become the new standard for beauty. Many people compare themselves to those pictures, making the idea of “loving oneself” much more challenging.

Thanks to the advent of unrealistic body standards and hyper-edited photos on social media, many millennials have shown issues linked to their self-perception. Because of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the link between social media usage and low self-esteem is far more prevalent than ever.

This article is meant for anyone who has been looking in the mirror with less love than they should because of the different “imperfections” they see.

However, what if one tried to focus on changing their mindset instead of getting caught up in noticing only the “flaws”?

Turning the ship around

While social media may be great, it is not the best tool for building one’s self-esteem and preventing other unwanted problems, such as OCD, social anxiety, dysmorphia, and depression. For anyone looking to keep their mindset in the right place and start embracing their body with the right positivity for a change, here are three suggestions to consider:

1. It is crucial to love and appreciate oneself

When it comes to beating a defeatist mindset and fighting the effects that unrealistic body standards and a toxic mindset can bring about, it all begins with the first steps of loving oneself.

For starters, try to hop right in front of the mirror and start pointing out things that one is thankful for having. Instead of looking at “what is wrong,” every moment spent in front of the mirror, being kind to oneself, and paying attention to all the different positive attributes one has will help build up self-esteem!

2. Take a break from social media when needed

More often than not, social media causes lots of self-esteem issues when people get too fixated to the point where they’re obsessed with keeping their eyes glued to the screen. Although this doesn’t entail quitting social media entirely, taking a “detox” for anywhere between a week to a month will help reset one’s mind and give them more time to focus on themselves.

3. Let a psychotherapist help

Sometimes, all that’s needed to start loving oneself much better (as they should) and being more accepting of themselves is a small nudge in the right direction.

With the help of a psychotherapist, anyone can receive the right guidance towards becoming more accepting of their body to forge a higher self-esteem level. For example, giving the experts at Therapy24x7 a call for an in-person or online consultation will help lay out the groundwork for a lifetime journey of self-love and acceptance!


Although social media and the Internet make it much easier to live comfortably today, they put many people at risk of experiencing insecurities and self-image issues. If anyone is starting to feel like they are at war with themselves but do not exactly know where to begin in terms of getting back on track with self-love, they can use the three tips mentioned above!

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